Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Level Physics

A Level Physics

The A Level Physics course takes you into the heart of what is widely regarded as the most fundamental of all sciences. Studying physics can see you grasping the scope of massive galaxies or probing the tiniest component particles of atoms. Physics is the study of how everything works and the basic rules of the universe and is full of challenges and opportunities. A Level Physics can also lead to a wide range of career opportunities.

Course overview

In this A Level Physics course you’ll build on your existing knowledge of foundation physics and expand your physics studies into more complex areas.

You’ll look at particles and quantum phenomena, electricity, materials and waves. You’ll also study the physics of fields and mechanics, before exploring the fascinating areas of nuclear physics, thermal physics and astrophysics.

As well as theoretical learning, the A Level Physics course will help you develop investigative and practical skills as you apply that learning to experimental applications. This hands-on approach encourages an appreciation of the big picture in physics study and the development of rational thinking.

A Level Physics can be a passport to a huge range of careers and is required or preferred by many university degree courses.


You'll need a GCSE/IGCSE/GCE O Level Physics or Science at C grade or equivalent to enroll in my A Level Physics course.

Benefits and features

  • Teaching support

I won't leave you on your own. Your experienced tutor is available online on Skyp and over the phone, ready to help you with all the guidance and motivation you need.

  • Peer support

You enroll first. As well as being able to contact Sir imran Mirza and submit work online, you'll have instant access to your fellow students, and the chance to discuss your work, ask questions and make new friends.

  • Specialized texts

All of your teaching materials have been prepared by Imran Mirza , A Level Physics teacher, and provided you in PDF form. students will get key points of relevant topics


GCE A level, 9702 & GCE O Level 5054

Support Period

6 months

You will receive support from Imran Mirza by email until your assessment dates. I would advise you not to enrol on a A Level course less than six months prior to the assessments.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

We're Back !!!

Sorry folks for such a long wait...
The truth is that i had exams and so couldn't post on the blog but now i am back
Now something about relativity:

Ten little known facts about relativity:
(1) Nothing in the known universe travels faster than a bad check.
(2) Energy equals milk chocolate square (attributed to Albert E. Hersey)
(3) Delivery of Christmas gifts by Santa to the children of the world is now accomplished by riding Rudolf the red-shift reindeer.
(4) The general relativity theory of gravitation is responsible for people falling in love.
(5) The speed of an IRS tax refund is constant.
(6) Anger is neither created nor conserved but only changed from one form to another.
(7) The speed of time is one second per second, which is also called the fundamental unity.
(8) Death and taxes are the same for all constantly moving observers.
(9) Moving midgets are shortened.
(10) Divorce and alimony are equivalent but the latter is multiplied by an enormous factor.